Best Restaurants in Turkey!

Cuisine and culture go hand in hand,

And if you love the food you will love the land!


La Mouette

This restaurant is located on the terrace of Beyoğlu’s Tomtom Suites hotel. It has a superb view of the old city, but, more importantly, it has the talents of two young chefs who are doing stellar work using locally-sourced ingredients. Their imaginative take on the Turkish stapleArnavut ciğeric (Albanian-style liver) is reminiscent of foie gras and is among the more sublime dishes found in town. One of their desserts, a panna cotta made with yoghurt, pulls off the nifty trick of not only cleverly imitating its original inspiration but actually bettering it.

Lokanta Maya

It seems chef Didem Şenol knew exactly what Istanbul was missing when, last year, she opened Lokanta Maya – a casual neighbourhood bistro with a brief menu of contemporary Turkish cooking and seasonal specials. Since opening, Maya has been showered with well-deserved praise, locally and internationally, quickly earning the place an enthusiastic following. The mucver, zucchini fritters, are so popular that Şenol wrote the recipe on a mirror in the dining room so customers would stop asking for it. The caramelised sea bass with orange is irresistible, too. 

Rumelihisari Iskele

Located right on the Bosphorus in an Ottoman-era boat dock in the shadows of a medieval fortress, Iskele’s atmosphere is as inspiring as the food is reliably delicious. This is a timeless fish house frequented by Istanbul traditionalists because they know the city’s culinary traditions are safe within these walls. Waiters know many of their customers by name, as well as whether they take their raki with or without ice. A meal is spread out over several courses, starting with cold meze, followed by hot starters and working up to a seafood crescendo. This is a very pleasurable Istanbul ritual. 


Commanding a fine view of the Golden Horn, the stylish X sits atop the 90-year-old Deniz Palas (or Sea Palace) building, which is also home to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), a non-profit group that organises some of the city’s best-known cultural events. The grand building was renovated in 2009 after decades of neglect, and both it and X are perfect examples of Istanbul’s resurgence and its ability to mix the old with the new, and east with west. The Mediterranean-influenced menu includes expertly made takes on dishes that range from a traditional Anatolian “wedding soup” to pizzas baked in the brick oven.


Turkish-Swedish chef Mehmet Gürs sets the Istanbul culinary bar high – 20 storeys high, to be exact. Located on the rooftop of the chic Marmara Pera hotel, Mikla, which opened in 2005, has a dazzling view of the city below. But the stylish restaurant’s menu, which reflects both Turkish and Scandinavian influences, more than holds its own. Try the cherrywood-smoked loin of lamb or the pistachio-crusted lamb chops and finish up with a plate of artisanal cheeses from the east. The restaurant’s extensive wine list is a good introduction to the exciting developments in Turkish wine making.


Istanbul and the Land of the Living!

You know they say people make a city what it is – this is so true for Istanbul. The young hearts and creative minds of the inhabitants makes for one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and for that matter any where in the world. A perfect blend of the infrastructure of the west and old world charm of the east create a surrealistic haven for any tourist or business traveller.

As you walk along the Bhosphoros you imbibe the fresh scent of the sea and feel an alignment with nature and you true self. Within 20 minute reach your can be transported into the modern nightlife and so called “maya” world of cafes and pubs serving divine food and listen to the chatter of awesome folk.

Istanbul is truly a city with life – a living city! Something for everyone – old or young, modern or conservative, spiritual or religious, wedding or business event – if you dream it you can have in this amazing city of Istanbul! You just have to know what you really, really want and I know for a fact that companies like The DMC Istanbul will make it happen.  So you could feel like a King or a Princess in this amazing land – your choice!!!


Istanbul – The New Young Paris!

A burgeoning art and culture scene matching paces with retail growth makes Istanbul the New Young Paris. A strong economy and a vibrant growing labour force shows tremendous potential for the future to come. 

From the old historic city palaces of the Ottoman age to latest fashions to feed the hunger of the emerging youth makes Istanbul a paradise for tourists who can imbibe it all. With tastes to suit every sense be it contemporary art, wines, organic foods and divine turkish delights – this city has it all.

Perfectly situated in the epicentre of the east and west – it is a great destination for business or pleasure within 2-10 hours of flight time bringing you to a paradise which is filled with the colors and vibe of “une jeune Paris”!



Adventures in Turkey

From river rafting to road trekking and from rock climbing to jeep safari – Turkey spells adventure for the leisure or corporate traveller.

Walk Turkey’s Lycian Way, widely regarded as one of the world’s great trails. Gain an appreciation of the landscape of this great country in a way that is impossible from inside a bus. Whether a casual walker or a serious trekker, this active journey will appeal to those looking for a better way to appreciate magnificent scenery. You’ll hike through pine forests and olive groves, across flower-filled fields, past shepherd’s huts and the soul-lifting views of Butterfly Valley. Then unwind in beautiful accommodations along the coast. This is adventure at its purest and most simple.

Turkey has plenty of mountains and riversperfect for river rafting.

The top two choices are the beautiful, exciting but safe and easy Köprüçay near Antalya, and the wild and dangerous Çoruh near Erzurum, for experienced rafters only.

Köprüçay & Köprülü Kanyon
Near Side and Manavgat (map), this river follows a 120-km (75-mile) course through the 2500-meter-high (8200-foot-high) Bozburun even higher Dipoyraz mountains. The 14-km (9 mile)-long Köprülü Kanyon has 100-meter (328-foot)-high rock walls. Despite its natural drama, the rafting route is rated Class 1 and 2, good for beginners.

The Antalya area is the best and most extensive rock climbing area in Turkey, particularly the crags of Geyikbayiri and Olympos.

Geyikbayiri is the largest sports climbing area in Turkey. The crag itself is situated 25km from the busy tourist city of Antalya, with the only “tourists” being rock climbers! 
The main crag is 1.5km long, plus several other buttresses, providing over 600 routes across at all grades. However there is still potential to develop many more! The climbing is on superb limestone rock, with many features such as slabs and faces with small crimps to bomber overhanging tufas and roofs. The majority of the routes are single pitch though there are some 2-pitch routes as well. The crag has only been developed since 2001 and therefore all of the routes have good quality bolts.

Within the Antalya area there are several other rock climbing areas. These are as follows:
Further inland from Geyikbayiri and high up in the mountains (2000m high) at a place calledFeslekan Yayla is a fantastic limestone bouldering area. Though the bouldering is not fully developed, it does mean there are great opportunities to bag some first ascents. It is also an excellent place to escape the summer heat of Geyikbayiri.

Further south is another excellent sports climbing area at Olympos, with several crags. Here there are over 250 routes on perfect limestone rock across all grades. The rock climbing has slabs with small pockets that require technical moves and lots of balance through to tufas and huge roofs. Some of the crags also have the advantage of only being a few hundred metres from the beach. 

So what ever you heart desire and if it’s calling for adventure come to The DMC Istanbul!


Turkey to open new consulates in Canada

Turkey’s Ambassador to Canada said 2 consulates general and 3 honorary consulates would be opened in Canada soon.  

Turkey will open two new consulates general in Canada soon.

Turkey‘s Ambassador in Ottowa Tuncay Babali said Turkey would open consulates general

in Vancouver and Montreal soon in order to revive TurkeyCanada relations that were stagnant for a long time. He added honorary consulates in Halifax, Edmonton and Saskatoon would be opened soon.

Saying that Turkey would be the 9th biggest economy of the world, and 3rd biggest economy of the Europe as of 2050, Babali added Istanbul was only 3 hours away to 50 countries by flight.


Whirling Dervishes – An awesome experience for a spectacular event!

The whirling dance or Sufi whirling that is proverbially associated with Dervishes is best known in the West by the practices (performances) of the Mevlevi order in Turkey, and is part of a formal ceremony known as the Sema. It is, however, also practiced by other orders. The Sema is only one of the many Sufi ceremonies performed to try to reach religious ecstasy (majdhbfana). The name Mevlevi comes from the Persian poet,Rumi who was a Dervish himself. This practice, though not intended as entertainment, has become a tourist attraction in Turkey.

As Rumi describes it……Image

Water that’s poured inside will sink the boat
While water underneath keeps it afloat.
Driving wealth from his heart to keep it pure
King Solomon preferred the title ‘Poor’:
That sealed jar in the stormy sea out there
Floats on the waves because it’s full of air,
When you’ve the air of dervishood inside
You’ll float above the world and there abide..